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TAIEB Jezabel.jpg Jezabel Business Manager

At 26 years old, as a graduate holding a Master's from Kedge Marseille, I joined the FORTIL team as a Business Manager. Through practising classical and modern jazz dancing for 13 years (and having won silver and gold medals on several occasions) taught me tenacity, the spirit of competition, and how to transcend my own limitations. These qualities serve me every day in my professional life.


I found out about FORTIL from its president, Olivier REMINI, whose charisma and enthusiasm were contagious. After applying, I was interviewed individually and then collectively. A final interview with the senior staff approved me for the position. Today, I am leading several missions :

  • The creation and development of my customer portfolio
  • Recruiting new engineers, my co-workers
  • Managing their careers

I still cherish the memory of my first recruitment ! I work in a complex and complete profession where career prospects are limitless. It requires a substantial investment, but this investment can give rapid returns. Within my first year, I'm working with a team of 20 employees !


I can count on coaching from the senior staff to exceed the established goals. It's important to prioritize and take a step back. Part of the job is dealing with disappointments and failures that must be overcome. To succeed, I have made my job a priority in my life. It's an exciting adventure and an impetus for growth! I have improved my listening skills, efficiency, and the relevance of my contributions. Be bold !

NIANG Souleymane Souleymane IT Consultant

After studying in Senegal, I continued my training in Paris under a Master of IT Networks and Multimedia Applications. With my diploma in hand, I was contacted by FORTIL. They believed in me and offered me the position of IT consultant on a major project in the extrajudicial sector.


I am working on software for commercial court clerks. My mission helps me to develop my technical skills on application servers and familiarize myself with multiple technologies and the tools for this environment.
More specifically, I am in charge of completing, testing, and maintaining the programs entrusted to me while respecting detailed specifications, deadlines, and various quality standards. I am also responsible for estimating loads, and I maintain the scope of my area of specification.


My role as a consultant requires good interpersonal skills, autonomy, and good analytical and decision-making skills. I am very lucky. I am passionate about my job and the atmosphere is very pleasant. As Confucius once said: "If you choose a job you love, you'll never have to work a day in your life."

OULDTARKI Salim Salim Mechanical Consultant

Mechanics has been my passion since childhood ! As a kid, I was inspired by the MacGuyver series (To the other fans out there : I never missed an episode !). This interest has continued to grow steadily and has led me to a professional degree in Industrial Production Engineering at IUT in Aix-en-Provence. After 10 years of experience in mechanical design, I joined FORTIL in 2016. What attracted me most was the opportunity to broaden my experience and work with many different companies that all have their own ways of doing things.


The customer expects the consultant to be able to jump right in. For this reason, consultants have to be very responsive and autonomous. I have 3 completed missions to my credit. First, I worked in the defence sector designing subsea vehicles, then in the transport sector helping with a patented belt cutting system, and finally, I worked on tools in the nuclear sector.


What I love most about the job is the diversity of experiences. I also enjoy the staff parties, which are the best way to meet new people and meet the new arrivals. It's an opportunity to interact with the entire branch office team. You can talk about anything with anyone without feeling a hierarchical barrier. The best moments happened during meetings I had with other colleagues.

BESTAUX François-Noël François-Noël Electronics expert

After managing a Design Office for 30 years in the Paris region, I was contacted by Olivier REMINI when I arrived in the PACA region and I discovered the field of engineering consulting. I joined FORTIL on the project "SL One", an electric boat motor that uses solar energy, and I also worked on the "3D caps" project. I am quite adaptable and I like to stay busy.


I have had this job for more than four years now. I am involved in product research and design, choosing subcontractors, and interfacing with customers, and the scope of my responsibilities has also expanded into commercial prospecting and responding to calls for tender. Diverse projects, diverse sectors, various products and technologies, but only one goal : timeliness and customer satisfaction!


My work requires creativity, which is good news for me, because it is my strong point. I like to research, invent, and imagine. You just have to be daring, and if you can do that, you may find yourself in the most outlandish scenarios, like testing motors in a pool... and these are the moments that bind teammates together and create happy memories.


There is an adventure happening at FORTIL, and I'm happy to be a part of it !

ALIOUA Hassan Hassan Expert Project Coordinator

Coming from business school where I studied Supply Chain Management and Logistics, I realised very quickly that I wanted to join a purchasing department. I first worked as a Buyer in the banking sector. Attracted by the industry, I joined FORTIL in 2010 to help create the Design Office. There were only 6 of us. We worked a lot, and we could never imagine the eventual size of the project!


Until 2014, I was in charge of tendering management. I then accepted a mission in the mining industry working as a factory planner in India and Saudi Arabia. Currently, I work as an assistant project manager in the solar energy sector. I work on the planning side for a solar power plant in Perpignan.


Fulfilling my responsibilities requires rigour and versatility. It is necessary to have a good understanding of the project to anticipate hazards, and for this, you have to master the relevant technical knowledge as well as issues related to management. My job allows me to diversify my experiences in the realm of cutting-edge technology. The variety of subjects helps me to improve my competency in using tools and methods that I hope to use internally to profit FORTIL.

FRENDO Guillaume Guillaume Mechanical Expert

I started my career at the company thanks to a real stroke of luck ! In fact, to earn my engineering degree, I took an intensive English course to get my TOEIC certificate with a friend. I was with him when he received a phone call from the executive director of the company, who told him that he had been put on a permanent contract. He seized the opportunity to talk about me. A few hours later, I met with Olivier REMINI, the President of FORTIL, and the following Monday, my contract was signed !


I started as a mechanical Consultant. My first task was welding quality control and NDT. Later, I worked for a multitude of projects, both as a service provider and internally at the Design Office. These experiences helped me evolve and allowed me to become an Expert in mechanics.


From a technical perspective, I discovered rare manufacturing processes used around the world (giant forge / fluidisation / how a nuclear boiler works / image processing by camera), and currently, I work at the Charles de Gaulle site, where I am responsible for the compliance of the operations performed on the boiler rooms in the building. At the same time, I am also responsible for a small customer portfolio to bring business to the design office. In fact, I am about to become a Practice Manager.


Success in this business can be described in two words : "Adaptation" and "Communication". One day, my cell phone rang at 4:00 in the morning... Olivier REMINI, who was in China with the mould maker for the SL-ONE boat motor, asked me if I could continue the meeting and explain the difference between thermoforming and plastic injection... I can tell you that when you're half asleep and you have to have a conversation in English / Chinese at 4:00 in the morning, internet translators are a big help ! It's these kinds of anecdotes that make my experience at FORTIL an adventure like no other !

NDIAYE Maodo.jpg Maodo QHSE Manager

Originally from Senegal, I came to France to study in 2008. I am extremely curious and I like to be at the lead in multiple projects. Since my training, I have felt a need to be involved in various kinds of projects, as I wanted to follow several different paths: Master's degree in Quality & Sustainable Development, Master's degree in Purchasing Management, Bachelor's degree... It was during an internship that I discovered FORTIL. Everything happened very quickly, and after 2 months, I received a recruitment offer with a permanent contract. In FORTIL, I found the company that understands my need to be multidisciplinary.


I am a Management Consultant and Quality Manager for the Group. My role is to improve the organisation of the company and its services in order to satisfy the Customers and Collaborators. I work in a wide variety of different sectors : Naval, Defence, Nuclear, Healthcare... and every day, I learn more about the facets of the consulting profession !


I saw myself in the energy and youthful vitality of the employees, and more particularly, in the ambitions of the company. I met people who have that same kernel of entrepreneurship that I have. Listening, trying to understand the jobs of others to improve communication, rubbing elbows with all sorts of different people, and reaching our goal together. The key to success is simple: be passionate and know how to adapt.

TADEUSZAK Marion Marion Activity Manager

As a new graduate from the Kedge Business School in 2013, I had to make a strategic decision : To sign a permanent contract with the company in which I completed my work study program, or to join the FORTIL adventure by accepting the lifestyle and the challenges that this company offered.


Attracted by the challenges and the idea of transcending my limitations (I have practised Vietnamese martial arts since I was 6 years old), I decided to join the FORTIL adventure as a Business Engineer. Failure is inconceivable for me. In this business, you have to know how to cope with setbacks and bounce back to succeed.


During my first 2 years, I made many sacrifices. I stopped the competition to focus on my professional activity and stabilize it. I developed my business unit, constantly renewed my motivation to keep up with a high level of physical fitness, and today it's hard for me to stop.


I was guided by the two Executive Directors of the company, Jean AUDIBERT and Johan PIGAGLIO. I have a lot of admiration for them and I am inspired to succeed and evolve in this business. They helped me during difficult times by giving me what I needed to face my challenges. Today, I am an Activity Manager, and I pass on my skills and experience to Junior Business Engineers.


Patience and perseverance are the keys to my success. It's true, I made personal concessions to make it happen, and in 2017, 4 years after my arrival, I have :

  • Rejoined the competition
  • Won the title of French Champion and International Champion in Women's Combat
  • Developed a Business Unit worth more than 3 million Euro
  • Managed more than 40 people
  • And I have become a Partner of the company

"The only lost cause is one we give up on before we enter the struggle"  Vaclav Havel ! Fight for your success !

DIOP Oumar Oumar IT Consultant

Originally from Senegal, I earned a Master's degree in Software Engineering at Saint Jerome in Marseille. What I love most about my job is that we never get bored. Every day brings a new technical challenge.


I have been a Consultant in Computer Science at FORTIL for 3 years. My mission is to develop, maintain, and test the programs entrusted to me. I evaluate the workload and contribute to customer satisfaction. To achieve this goal, we must understand the needs and translate the expectations into computer code.


At FORTIL, everyone is accessible. The management style is collaborative, and the horizontal hierarchy allows to communicate in a very transparent manner. There is a good work environment between the teams. FORTIL parties are very pleasant and are good opportunities to meet people. You can learn about new jobs, it's exciting, and above all, we laugh a lot!


I can count on the help of Marion, my manager, who supports me in my personal development and coaches me on various occasions.

CASTILLAN Margaux.jpg Margaux Business Manager

A graduate of Kedge Business School, I joined FORTIL in January 2017 as a Business Manager. I saw myself in the company's values : Dynamism, Reactivity, Team Spirit, Listening. In addition to our common values, I also enjoy the challenge of helping to create the Toulouse office that initially attracted me.

My position entails three responsibilities :

  • The commercial development of the "Industrial Processes" Business Unit. This unit brings together consultants from the fields of mechanics, electricity, automation, and electronics. To accomplish this, I meet with new customers, open new accounts, and create sustainable partnerships.
  • The selection and recruitment of engineers
  • The management of existing teams: monitoring and renewal of missions and professional career guidance

In my job, no two days are the same ! Today's truth is not necessarily tomorrow's. Business is always booming. Every day, I discover new jobs and projects, and I am proud to support the consultants in their careers at FORTIL. The FORTIL parties are also ideal opportunities to bring together different teams in a different context and build the bonds between us.


At FORTIL, the experience of being a Business Engineer is very much like entrepreneurship, and it's true: to do my job, you must have a desire to be autonomous in your profession, to participate in developing strategies, and to drive it. My favourite memory is surely my first project. We develop the desire to transcend our limitations, to push ourselves !


When I was younger, I was involved in a lot of sports, and I like to compare the experience of being a Business Engineer to that of the athlete: perseverance, success, and disappointment, but especially getting back in the saddle quickly to prepare and stay in the game.

FANTONE Etienne Etienne Automation Consultant

Choosing a direction has long been a touchy issue for me. It took me a long time to find my way : A levels and vocational certificate in electrical engineering and computer science, an engineering and computer science preparatory class, a university degree in electrical engineering technology and industrial computer science, and I finally found my vocation through training in Automation and Industrial Computing at AFPA Istres.
Despite following a course that recruiters often call "atypical" and my lack of experience, FORTIL gave me a chance. Thanks to the two projects that I completed, I was able to develop my skills with various software and applications: Intouch supervision, SQL database management, and communication with Applicom cards.
In 2013, I joined the teams of a European leader in energy services. Currently, I am a Project Manager. I manage the entire supervisor base for the gas transmission network. There are approximately 80 supervisory positions. I am much more involved on the organisational side (planning, managing a team of 5 people, creating estimates, meetings, etc.) than the production side (research, integration, testing, putting into service, etc.).
I can thank my manager for the progress I've made. My relationship with him is unfiltered, and we listen attentively to each others' comments. Beyond the professional context, we play football together (and, manager or not, I must confess that we have already built a relationship through the game).
I have found my place at FORTIL. I like the fact that, in addition to my responsibilities to my customers, I can evolve internally in my work at FORTIL. I am currently working as a Practice Manager.

DUPONT Baldric Baldric Mechanical Consultant

I trained at the Arts et Métiers Engineering School, alternating between the specialisations of Aeronautical and Space Systems, after which I joined FORTIL. As a mechanical consultant, I participate in figuring processes and responding to calls for tender.


My experience at FORTIL has allowed me to add cross-functional skills to my CV, such as team management, sales follow-up, monthly billing, goal tracking, and customer relations. Today, I am in charge of the directing and managing a team. We must control and guarantee the quality of the design data and ensure that they meet the quality standards in the framework of the engineering environment in a Nuclear project while also :

  • Interfacing with the customer and meeting their expectations
  • Ensure that the team has a continuous workload
  • Prospecting for input data in case of underload
  • Ensure the quality of deliverables and compliance with delivery deadlines

My best memory so far is to have drafted and won an international call for tenders, thanks to the dedication and investment of my team !

The important thing for completing these various missions is to be conscientious in order to adapt to interlocutors of different nationalities and working methods. I am proud of how my project has developed, and by continuously questioning and looking for areas to improve, I am convinced that we will go even further !


FORTIL is the kind of company that offers great prospects for development if you put in the work and get involved. From the beginning, my manager has coached me and listen to me, and we have established a trusting relationship.

MARECHAL Damien Damien Automation Consultant

Originally from the city of Toulon, I pursued a Master's in Instrumentation Engineering option in Industrial Instrumentation, alternatively. I was still in training when the recruitment team contacted me for a permanent contract. I particularly appreciated the trustworthiness that FORTIL showed me when I was just finishing my studies, and this trusting relationship continues even today.


Every day brings me a wealth of new knowledge, whether related to the business of automation or related to project management. As part of my job as an automation specialist, I have to move regularly. From maintenance to commissioning, the responsibilities assigned to me vary depending on the type of project.


Currently, I am working on supervision and automation projects in the field of water and sanitation. In order to do my job well, I have to be autonomous, logical, and manage my time efficiently. By now, I have matured. I see myself evolving alongside FORTIL, and I have the guidance of my manager with prospects for future career paths that are open to me.

DEGIOVANNI Romain Romain Consultant for Technical Data Management

I run a sandwich course in Quality management. After an experience in the defence sector, I was seduced by the career plan that FORTIL offered to me. Joining this company has given me the opportunity to add a new twist to my career.


I really appreciated the simplicity and quality of the interactions I had during the recruitment process. Everyone I met immediately put me at ease and did everything they could to help me transition successfully. I have been a Consultant Manager for technical documentation and certification at FORTIL since 2016. When it comes to my missions, I have carte blanche to do things the way I want and meet the expectations of the client. I have to maintain a consistent, orderly database and certify all our industrial machinery according to the latest standards.


At the technical level, this job that requires: a good knowledge of ERP; a quality education; a high level of English proficiency. One of my favourite things about my job is the diversity of the exchanges with the various teams and the opportunity to jump from one subject to another. I have already learned so much. What will come next ? BRING IT ON !"

BEDJAI Elvira Elvira Consultante en Mécanique

Passionate about Squash, I followed a dual curriculum in a sport and a line of study, which I pursue today in my professional life by alternating engineering projects and competitions. At age 23, I joined the FORTIL team just after obtaining my ENSMM engineering degree.


The HR team recruited me "on profile". This means that they saw my potential to be a consultant and were committed to training me at the beginning. At first, I joined the Design Office of La Seyne sur Mer. I had the opportunity to improve myself, develop new skills, and learn about the ongoing projects. I am familiar with the newest software such as Inventor, solidworks, and autocad.

 I then used these skills in different sectors. From the naval sector to pyrotechnics through electronic integration, I worked on projects in many diverse fields... 


Each time, I was immersed in a new technical context. You have to to know how to adapt and not be afraid of change! For example, I am currently working on general installation, and more specifically, on researching and establishing an extension for an aluminium plant. You also have to have an attitude of team spirit and know how to integrate into a new environment quickly.


When I'm not at the Design Office, I can count on my colleagues from a distance. We are part of a real team and we always enjoy seeing each other at parties.


Being a consultant is not an easy job, but in my opinion, that's what makes it so fulfilling. It's impossible to fall into routine! The job is constantly piquing my curiosity, and as a young graduate, it's very rewarding !

sylvain2.jpg Sylvain Manager des Systèmes d'Information

I am passionate about new technologies & innovation. I have 15 years of diverse experience in the field of information. I have experience with many subjects in this field. I have been an IT Manager of the FORTIL company for 6 years now (a little longer, even).

The beginning was quite unique. They were only 3 people at the office when I came to install a single hard drive to help the company get started... At that time, the consulting world was new to me and I had no idea of the company's ambitions. When I came back two years later, there were 20 people working at that same office!

I helped FORTIL get started at the very beginning. I built the Information System brick by brick. I followed the company's evolution from within. I discovered a world of opportunity for those who dare to seize it. The personality of the president, the values of the company, the simplicity of the people that I met there and their human qualities, all of these reasons drove me to join the company.

Today, I maintain the company's systems and networks. I conduct the IT purchases and ensure that the work tools for employees are used properly. I manage the service teams and employees working in the IT department.

In my position, you have to demonstrate :

  • Perseverance, because you have to know how to move forward, no matter which way the wind is blowing...
  • Adaptability, because the wind never blows the same way or at the same temperature...
  • A spirit of service, and the responsiveness to meet all requests with the quality and time requirements imposed by our customers or our management.
  • That you know how to delegate
  • Good communication skills

I am passionate about my work! I really like anything that brings value and brings satisfaction to the user. I appreciate the atmosphere at FORTIL, the fact that they listen, the diversity of activities, and the freedom of choice.

If I could give one piece of advice to someone who wants to do this job: Do not rely on what you think are certainties! You have to know how to be a student all your life. The IT field is constantly changing, and if you can't remain open to change, you will soon become outdated.

Join-us !

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