Elodie Hocevar

Recruiting coordinator

For me, recruitment is mostly about personal contact. It is a real pleasure to meet new people every day, and the interview is, above all, a way that we can get to know each other. Once we have identified our mutual expectations, we can evaluate how to best work together. If our goals and ideas align, we commit ourselves to doing our best for the selected candidates and securing a long-term career for them.

  • Proximity
  • Expertise
  • Guidance
  • Challenge
  • Skills development
  • Listening


Being a consultant is a state of mind. It is about addressing technical challenges in various business sectors whose methods vary widely. This profession requires people who are open and flexible to adapt to each environment and add value to their projects.

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When it comes to describing the company and what it's like to work with us, the best people to ask are our employees. They come from diverse backgrounds with more or less experience and various interests, but they have one trait in common: their passion for the job.

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TAIEB Jezabel.jpg Jezabel Business Manager

At 26 years old, as a graduate holding a Master's from Kedge Marseille, I joined the FORTIL team as a Business Manager. Through practising classical and modern jazz dancing for 13 years (and having won silver and gold medals on several occasions) taught me tenacity, the spirit of competition, and how to transcend my own limitations. These qualities serve me every day in my professional life.


I found out about FORTIL from its president, Olivier REMINI, whose charisma and enthusiasm were contagious. After applying, I was interviewed individually and then collectively. A final interview with the senior staff approved me for the position. Today, I am leading several missions :

  • The creation and development of my customer portfolio
  • Recruiting new engineers, my co-workers
  • Managing their careers

I still cherish the memory of my first recruitment ! I work in a complex and complete profession where career prospects are limitless. It requires a substantial investment, but this investment can give rapid returns. Within my first year, I'm working with a team of 20 employees !


I can count on coaching from the senior staff to exceed the established goals. It's important to prioritize and take a step back. Part of the job is dealing with disappointments and failures that must be overcome. To succeed, I have made my job a priority in my life. It's an exciting adventure and an impetus for growth! I have improved my listening skills, efficiency, and the relevance of my contributions. Be bold !

NDIAYE Maodo.jpg Maodo QHSE Manager

Originally from Senegal, I came to France to study in 2008. I am extremely curious and I like to be at the lead in multiple projects. Since my training, I have felt a need to be involved in various kinds of projects, as I wanted to follow several different paths: Master's degree in Quality & Sustainable Development, Master's degree in Purchasing Management, Bachelor's degree... It was during an internship that I discovered FORTIL. Everything happened very quickly, and after 2 months, I received a recruitment offer with a permanent contract. In FORTIL, I found the company that understands my need to be multidisciplinary.


I am a Management Consultant and Quality Manager for the Group. My role is to improve the organisation of the company and its services in order to satisfy the Customers and Collaborators. I work in a wide variety of different sectors : Naval, Defence, Nuclear, Healthcare... and every day, I learn more about the facets of the consulting profession !


I saw myself in the energy and youthful vitality of the employees, and more particularly, in the ambitions of the company. I met people who have that same kernel of entrepreneurship that I have. Listening, trying to understand the jobs of others to improve communication, rubbing elbows with all sorts of different people, and reaching our goal together. The key to success is simple: be passionate and know how to adapt.

FRENDO Guillaume Guillaume Mechanical Expert

I started my career at the company thanks to a real stroke of luck ! In fact, to earn my engineering degree, I took an intensive English course to get my TOEIC certificate with a friend. I was with him when he received a phone call from the executive director of the company, who told him that he had been put on a permanent contract. He seized the opportunity to talk about me. A few hours later, I met with Olivier REMINI, the President of FORTIL, and the following Monday, my contract was signed !


I started as a mechanical Consultant. My first task was welding quality control and NDT. Later, I worked for a multitude of projects, both as a service provider and internally at the Design Office. These experiences helped me evolve and allowed me to become an Expert in mechanics.


From a technical perspective, I discovered rare manufacturing processes used around the world (giant forge / fluidisation / how a nuclear boiler works / image processing by camera), and currently, I work at the Charles de Gaulle site, where I am responsible for the compliance of the operations performed on the boiler rooms in the building. At the same time, I am also responsible for a small customer portfolio to bring business to the design office. In fact, I am about to become a Practice Manager.


Success in this business can be described in two words : "Adaptation" and "Communication". One day, my cell phone rang at 4:00 in the morning... Olivier REMINI, who was in China with the mould maker for the SL-ONE boat motor, asked me if I could continue the meeting and explain the difference between thermoforming and plastic injection... I can tell you that when you're half asleep and you have to have a conversation in English / Chinese at 4:00 in the morning, internet translators are a big help ! It's these kinds of anecdotes that make my experience at FORTIL an adventure like no other !

TADEUSZAK Marion Marion Activity Manager

As a new graduate from the Kedge Business School in 2013, I had to make a strategic decision : To sign a permanent contract with the company in which I completed my work study program, or to join the FORTIL adventure by accepting the lifestyle and the challenges that this company offered.


Attracted by the challenges and the idea of transcending my limitations (I have practised Vietnamese martial arts since I was 6 years old), I decided to join the FORTIL adventure as a Business Engineer. Failure is inconceivable for me. In this business, you have to know how to cope with setbacks and bounce back to succeed.


During my first 2 years, I made many sacrifices. I stopped the competition to focus on my professional activity and stabilize it. I developed my business unit, constantly renewed my motivation to keep up with a high level of physical fitness, and today it's hard for me to stop.


I was guided by the two Executive Directors of the company, Jean AUDIBERT and Johan PIGAGLIO. I have a lot of admiration for them and I am inspired to succeed and evolve in this business. They helped me during difficult times by giving me what I needed to face my challenges. Today, I am an Activity Manager, and I pass on my skills and experience to Junior Business Engineers.


Patience and perseverance are the keys to my success. It's true, I made personal concessions to make it happen, and in 2017, 4 years after my arrival, I have :

  • Rejoined the competition
  • Won the title of French Champion and International Champion in Women's Combat
  • Developed a Business Unit worth more than 3 million Euro
  • Managed more than 40 people
  • And I have become a Partner of the company

"The only lost cause is one we give up on before we enter the struggle"  Vaclav Havel ! Fight for your success !

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